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Jane Nwakoby lives and works in Mississauga, Ontario. She received her BA  and MFA in Fine and Applied Arts from the University of Nigeria Nsukka. She holds a B.Ed. in Education from York University, Canada. Nwakoby is an elected member of the Colour and Form Society (CFS). Nwakoby is an educator with the Dufferin Peel Catholic District School Board.

Her works, including a number of spectacular paintings, commissioned projects and murals can be found in a myriad of public and private art collections in Nigeria and abroad. She has exhibited immensely in and outside Canada.

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Home: Bio
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All About Jane Nwakoby Art

I have always been interested in human behaviours and how they affect us both positively and negatively. I find myself pondering on social, political, and environmental issues. These events influence my art, and the need to bring joy and aesthetics.

My style of work gives me the utmost challenge and satisfaction. I wanted something more than painting on a regular canvas and hence came the birth of my irregular shaped stretched canvasses. I am fascinated by the process of bending and maneuvering wires with pliers to achieve desired shapes. Every canvas I prepare is an art work, intricately sewn on. In my artwork, one finds a fascinating synthesis and marriage of contemporary ideas with my rich Igbo heritage. I use a lot of lineal forms in tune with Uli Art in eastern Nigeria. My end products are intriguing and open to numerous interpretations by spectators, which I love.

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“It all boils down to instinct, good or bad. Artistic creation must be spontaneous."

Maurice Chevalier

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